The great moments that my daughter gives me

The great moments that my daughter gives me

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There are truly unique moments in a person's life. There are times when your children fill you up completely and make you feel totally happy. My daughter always makes me happy, but this happiness is intensified even more when she does little things without thinking, without intention or interest. If you observe your son, you will see that he also gives you happiness although it seems that the multiple activities of the days cover it like clouds.

1- I see her smile

2- When "out of surprise" she hugs me

3- He gives me one of these kisses with noise that I like so much

4- He tells me "how good the food is!"

5- Tell jokes or riddles at the table

6- Without asking, she blesses our food on the table

7- When I hear her sing

8- When I catch her dancing alone in her room

9- It gives me a scare

10- She asks me to accompany her to the bathroom

11- When he tells me something about the last book he is reading

12- When I go on a trip and I always find a drawing and a surprise letter

13- When he wants to help me in the kitchen

14- See her run and play with her friends

15- Listen to his voice and his cries when he is playing in the backyard

16- The drawings that she shows me

17- When he puts his hand on top of mine on the plane

18- Enter her room on tiptoe and watch her sleep and breathe

19- His happy face when he gets good grades

20- When he asks me to tell him stories from my childhood

21- When we watch a movie together

22- When she wants to learn to do something alone

23- The smell of his nose, his neck, his head

24- When he asks me to massage his back

25- When for the first time he asked me to bathe alone

26- When all of a sudden he tells me "Mom!"

27- When he jumps on our bed as a surprise.

28- When we look into each other's eyes

29- When you think about the clothes I wear

30- See her with her father, holding hands

And you will ask me: Why 30 and not 40? Well, it could be 100 or 1000, sure. Also, many of these situations may coincide with the moments that you value in your child. But if you have someone else that you think is irresistibly special to you, let us know. We would like to know.

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