21 weeks pregnant

21 weeks pregnant

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Having a good relationship with your partner during pregnancy will help you share fears and feel supported at this time of so many changes for you. It is convenient for your partner to be involved from pregnancy and participate in it, it will help face your role as a parent when the baby is born and it will also be good for your relationship.

Share ideas about your baby's education, go to medical tests together or buy supplies for the baby as a couple from the 21st week of pregnancy.

The baby's movements become more evident, what before you noticed as a slight tingling or tingling from one side of the abdomen to the other gives way to small taps and kicks that you are already clearly identifying. Maybe notice more the agitation of your baby in the twenty-first week of pregnancy when you are calm in bed. Later when the baby has grown enough he will even be able to wake you up with some sudden movement or kick.

It is very normal for certain muscular stiffness and discomfort in the neck or lower back to appear throughout pregnancy. Your spine moves forward, and this can lead to back pain.

Performing physical exercise to strengthen the lower back will help you from now on, when your back and legs have to support much more weight.

Some women suffer with swelling of the hands, feet and ankles, you should drink a lot of water, walk every day for at least half an hour and do light exercise such as swimming, yoga or Pilates.

Your baby is already 19 weeks old. In your 21st week of pregnancy, the fetus is about 10 inches long and weighs between 350 and 385 grams.

Your baby alternates waking and sleeping periods, for this reason, sometimes you will notice his movements and in others you will feel that he is calmer. It is recommended that from the moment you are able to perceive its movements, you are aware that it moves every day. If one day you will not notice any movement in the fetus, go for a consultation.

Your bone marrow begins to make red blood cells, and your digestive system is still developing. Your baby can hear noises, suck his thumb, and make quick eye movements.

Allergic people who regularly take medication to alleviate symptoms should consult their doctor about the possibility of continuing with the treatment during pregnancy, especially if you suffer from a seasonal allergy and spring arrives.

As your pregnancy progresses the growth of the uterus causes some organs to move. The lungs are higher and you may feel more fatigued or more difficult to breathe, if you also suffer from asthma you should consult your specialist about the possibility of being treated with bronchodilators in case of an attack.

Insomnia during pregnancy is a disorder that affects many women, and even if you slept through the night continuously before, you could suffer from night awakenings, It is normal. To alleviate it, you can try to lead a calmer pace of life, always have the same sleep and wake pattern, not drink much water before going to bed and avoid caffeinated drinks in the second part of the day.

It is easier for you in the twenty-first week of gestation to know what you can eat, but sometimes pregnant women have the question: can I eat this? Your doctor will be able to clarify any type of doubt during your visits, but as a rule, especially to prevent toxoplasmosis, you should avoid raw meat and fish, sausages, unwashed vegetables or unpasteurized products.

Also, during pregnancy it is important to prevent anemia, quite common in pregnant women. Medical tests will guide the gynecologist about your deficiencies and will prescribe supplements in case you need them.

They will value the diet you are eating and, if you are gaining more weight than recommended, they will recommend avoiding fat, reducing foods with a lot of sugar, not taking pastries or following the guideline of drinking two liters of water a day.

If you eat a correct diet, watching it carefully you will gain healthy habits in your diet that you can later keep and help you regain your figure.

You will wonder what expenses you have to make before the arrival of your baby and how it will affect your economy. Normally if it is your first baby your family and friends will help you with gifts, do not be shy about telling them what you need. New moms often make unnecessary expenses or buy objects that are later cornered, make a list of what is really essential for the first weeks of the baby's life. Then you will see little by little what you have to acquire.

Do not forget to save what is in good condition if you plan to have more children, it will be very useful in the future not to have the same expenses again.

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