Enuresis and its relation to the child's brain

Enuresis and its relation to the child's brain

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Sometimes the incontinence of urine in children is conditioned or associated with other types of disorders or pathologies. The brain can ignore signals from the bladder. When the bladder constantly sends signals to the brain to activate it, it may end up ignoring them, so when a child's sphincters need more attention to achieve the urine control, the brain relaxes before the bombardment of received signals.

It looks like the story of Peter and the wolf. This has been shown by a group of Hong Kong researchers when comparing the amount of signals sent by children who pee on the bed to the cortical area of ​​the brain during sleep, with those of a control group who do not wet the bed when sleeping.

From this comparison, they observed that children with incontinence sent twice as many signals to the cerebral cortex as those who did not wet the bed. And yet his brain ignored them. To discover why the child was not able to wake up, despite having a lighter sleep, they found a paradoxical answer: it was precisely due to the high stimulation caused by the bladder signals, which suppressed the transition between sleep and the waking states of the child. So when the child had the urge to urinate, he did not perceive it, due to the lack of response of his brain.

On the other hand, this group of experts also pointed out a connection between sleep cycles and enuresis. A child's bladder acts as a reflex organ that contracts automatically, but children who wet the bed suppress it, causing the bladder empties involuntarily.

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