Healthy second course recipes for pregnant women dinner

Healthy second course recipes for pregnant women dinner

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A main dish is always important, but even more so during pregnancy. It should contain nutrients and energy, but at the same time not be excessively heavy, especially at dinner.

A light dinner is the key to avoiding stomach problems and helping the pregnant woman to sleep well. That is why we recommend these recipes for second courses for the dinner of pregnant women.

Try these second course recipes, ideal for the pregnant dinner diet

Eggplant meatballs. With this recipe for eggplant meatballs we will get them to dare to try a healthy meal presented in a familiar way, and at the same time different. easy and healthy recipe for baked eggplant meatballs. Learn how to make this recipe, step by step.

Turkey breast with plums. An original plum sauce to give a different flavor to turkey breasts, the combination will delight children. easy recipe for kids of turkey with plum sauce. How to make turkey fillet with plums step by step.

Grilled sole with lemon. Fish recipe. Grilled sole with lemon. The diet of babies and children should include fish dishes. And if they're sick, this mild grilled sole with lemon will help them feel better.

French omelette with ham and cheese. The French omelette is one of the best resources when cooking for children. A quick recipe that everyone usually likes, with a touch of ham and cheese. easy ham and cheese omelette recipe for kids.

Soy burgers. This recipe for soy burgers is very easy to make, tasty and very healthy. healthy vegetarian ducks for kids Step by step recipe for soy burgers for children.

Scrambled eggs with prawns and spinach. The lightest and most nutritious dinner, a scrambled eggs with prawns with spinach. Beneficial for the growth of children and with folic acid for pregnant women.

Peas with ham and egg. Recipe of peas with ham and egg, step by step, for the family lunch or dinner. our site offers a traditional recipe of peas with ham and egg, for a light dinner for children and pregnant women. Contains folic acid and other nutrients.

Baked hake with tomato. From 9 months of age it is recommended to introduce fish in the diet of babies. Here is a very gentle recipe for your baby to get to know the taste and texture of hake. Hake with tomato recipe for children.

Grilled chicken. Roast chicken is a traditional recipe that is ideal for children because of how easy it is to chew and how tasty its meat is, especially with this recipe in the oven.

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