Against the flu more fruit juices for children

Against the flu more fruit juices for children

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Especially in times of change in temperature and season, it is very common for more cases of colds, flu, and other diseases of the respiratory system to arise among children. For this reason it is advisable that we encourage our children to consume more fruits and vegetables, so that their body is more protected against viruses.

The consumption of fruits prevents diseases and at the same time enriches the organism of the little ones with more vitamins and mineral salts. In the last dossier of 5 a day I found some ideas of juices so that you can prepare them for your children:

1- Spring vitamin juice:

They will need a ripe mango, a ripe papaya, a ripe tomato, and two tablespoons of sugar. Peel the mango, papaya and tomato. Bone and chop both fruits. Crush is mix with sugar. Let the shake cool in the fridge before serving. The result is a refreshing, vitamin-packed shake.

2- Juice "5 a day"

You will need two large oranges, two carrots, a banana, a ripe mango, a ripe papaya, a ripe tomato, and two tablespoons of sugar. The oranges and carrots are peeled and blended. After peeling the banana, we add it chopped to the juice and blend with the blender. Serve it right away.

The pineapple and watermelon juices they are also highly recommended. It is enough to peel each fruit, chop it, and separately, beat the pieces with a little water and some sugar. The pineapple will need to strain it before serving. And nothing more. They are delicious!

Apart from the juices, you can also enrich the diet of your children, preparing vitamins, that is, whipping the milk with strawberries, the milk with banana and apple, or the milk with melon. Children will experience a feeling of freshness and well-being, and they will want to repeat it. And they can do it as many times as they want. Encourage the children to make a fruit smoothie.

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