How to transform a child's defects into virtues

Personally, I start from the basis that a child when he is born is a pure and clean being that has no defects, so this article should end in this same sentence, but I want you to understand this position better.

A child who comes into the world is a clean being, without defects, a boy or girl who must be protected, cared for and loved above all things. The adult people who take care of him, protect him and give him love are the same people who later may accuse the child of having defects, but these 'defects' are but a reflection of the defects of the parents that have been instilled in them. small from the moment they were born until today.

It is curious when it is known that the 'defects' of children are present only a change in the attitude of parental behavior is needed so that children can improve almost automatically. Because I insist again, parents are the key in the education and emotional intelligence of their children so that they can learn appropriate or inappropriate behaviors.

But later we can find the personality of the little ones, children who are 'stubborn', 'clueless', 'moved', 'bad', because I have to tell you that those four words with all the others that there may be are only labels that Adults attribute them but they are not real, none of them.

The labels are dangerous because the children who receive them think that they really are 'stubborn', 'clueless', 'moved' or 'bad' and they begin to act like this in consequence of what parents and adults tell them, because to they are its maximum 'representatives'. And then it seems that those labels are met, but they are fulfilled because adults provoke it.

So instead of seeing children's flaws so clearly, why not start seeing the virtues in them and start changing the discourse?

For example, instead of calling a child 'stubborn' you really have to call what it is: 'tenacious'. Or instead of calling him 'clueless' better 'creative', instead of 'moved or bad' 'explorers and curious' and so on with any label that speaks of defects when in reality (and can always be changed) it speaks of virtues .

Only in this way children will be able to look within themselves and discovering what they really are, seeing in themselves efficient and capable beings, something essential for their proper development and personal growth in each of the stages.

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