Most popular girl names for 2015 in Bolivia

Most popular girl names for 2015 in Bolivia

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When choosing the baby's name, some families look to the more traditional names. Other families prefer to follow the fashions in names so that your girl goes according to the times. But they always try to find that balance between tradition and modernity that fits the baby.

We know the trends in names for girls in Bolivia for 2015 and we like them because they are traditional names that arrive with a renewed and totally updated air. These are the most popular names for girls in Bolivia for 2015.

1. Martha. It is a name of Aramaic origin that means 'Lady'. It belongs to the biblical tradition, but with this spelling it is completely renewed, becoming a fresh and original name.

2. Laura. The name has a Latin origin and its meaning is related to 'the victory'. It is a traditional name that has not been worn down by use, so it keeps all its personality intact.

3. Ana Patricia. To the Hebrew origin of Ana, which means 'full of grace', joins the Latin origin of Patricia, which means 'noble'. It is one of the most sophisticated and distinguished girl names.

4. Sonia. This name is of Russian origin and means 'wisdom'as it is a variant of Sofia. In recent times, it has been sweeping the charts of frequent names because it is full of positive energy and magnetism.

5. Lucia. It is a name of Latin origin with a meaning related to 'the light'. Despite being a classic, the name does not lose strength and reappears loaded with sophistication and seduction.

6. Paula. The name has a Latin origin and means 'small'. It is one of the most charming names for girls that enters the list of popular names for its simplicity.

7. Ana Maria. This compound name of Hebrew origin uses two classic names, Ana and Maria, which means 'beloved of God'. It is one of the most frequent combinations in the world because of the force that both names have both together and separately.

8. Silvia. It is a name of Latin origin that means 'Forest'. Despite being known since ancient times, it has not been widely used until now that parents around the world have rescued it to make it the fashionable name.

9. Maria. The name is of Hebrew origin and means 'beloved of God'. It is the quintessential girl's name throughout the world and its use does not make it lose strength or freshness. That is why it is still present in the lists of popular names.

10. Roxana. This name is of Persian origin and has a meaning of 'brilliant'. It is one of the most attractive names for girls because it exudes delicacy, seduction and personality.

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