How to introduce the baby food in baby food

How to introduce the baby food in baby food

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In the different medical check-ups that your baby undergoes to have his development and growth examined, surely the nurse or pediatrician has asked you about the diet that you have taken so far, and has guided you on the diet that you should take at each stage , offering them guidelines for the correct introduction of food, and thus favor a good assimilation or avoid possible disorders or allergies.

Sometimes, even with such information in writing, we doubts may arise, since sometimes it happens that different pediatricians have recommended different things to us, or even, in the same health center they have been able to modify the recommendations from one year to another. I want to comment on some of the doubts that have arisen: for my eldest son they recommended me to introduce the fruit porridge before the vegetable one, while for the second, the opposite (depending on the pediatrician).

I have also been able to observe variations regarding the introduction of gluten in the 7th or 6th month (probably motivated by the latest studies on celiac disease). So maybe they can think, like me: 'with my other son I have done it wrong' since I have acted differently.

In one of my baby's routine check-ups, the pediatrician asked me how I had introduced the baby food in the 6th month to see if it had been in accordance with her recommendations. I replied that I had decided to change the order of vegetables and fruits since for the season of the year it seemed convenient to offer my son a hot puree instead of cold in such a way that he could benefit from the pleasure of enjoying his porridge and get used to the spoon more easily. His pediatrician, of course, liked that decision.

It is clear that Medicine is not an Exact Science, there is always a small but important room for intuition. And there we mothers enter. Occasions will arise in which we must trust our common sense, as long as they do not stray from the guidelines offered by health professionals.

We mothers know much more than we think about our children, surely no one knows how to understand them better than we do and when we have doubts, it is recommended that we ask, but we must also make use of experience that day to day with them can bring us.

Mirna Santos. Editor of our site

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