Parents who are stewards of their children

Parents who are stewards of their children

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Be a father or mother It does not mean being a steward or servant of the children Far from it! A father who wants to do everything for his children is an overprotective father who does not want his son to move a finger or else, we would be facing a nervous father or mother who wants to do things before the children finish them due to lack of patience .

Whatever the reason a parent becomes a "steward parent" there will always be long-term consequences, and negative ones.

Parents often hide behind saying that their children are 'too young' to be able to do household chores, but what should be taken into account is that a child from a very young age can help at home. For example, a 2-year-old child is obviously not going to sweep the whole house or wash the dishes for you, but instead, you can start guiding him to pick up his toys or objects from the floor to store them all in some system. of storage.

The key is to offer children responsibilities according to age, not expect them to do it perfectly and always congratulate them on a job well done.

Many parents do not know if their children are capable of doing things for themselves because they simply they do it to finish before. For example, they do not know if they know how to put their pajamas on by themselves, they do not know if they would be able to eat on their own ... or worse, parents know that they are capable of doing things themselves but they prefer to do them themselves to finish before or not to put on nervous.

What is clear is that things for children they won't come out perfect the first time, and surely neither the second nor the third, but what matters is that the little one feels capable of doing things and that he sees that he is trusted. A father or a mother who does everything so that the little ones do not lift a finger, the message he is transmitting is that he does not trust the abilities of his children.

When this happens, when parents do not let their children be able to do things for themselves, then the consequences will be assured, let's see some of them:

1. The child will not feel able to do things by himself and he will not be autonomous in chores or in any aspect of life.

2. Will have damaged self-esteem and very little personal security, having negative consequences on their social and emotional relationships, as well as on their full personal development.

3. As they grow he will only wait for others to do things for him by them because they have learned that their effort is not worth it.

Parents who do things for their children are not doing them any favors, rather the opposite. For this reason it is essential that parents teach their children to do things for themselves, but also that they arm themselves with patience and affection, because it will be worth guiding them in their development. It's the best job of parents!

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