The three Little Pigs. Traditional tales for children

The three Little Pigs. Traditional tales for children

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Together with their parents, three little pigs had happily grown up in a cabin in the woods. And since they were older, their parents decided it was time for each of them to make their own home.

The three little pigs said goodbye to their parents, and went to see what the world was like. The first pig, the lazy one in the family, decided to make a straw house. In a minute the hut was done. And then he went to sleep.

The second little pig, a glutton, preferred to build a log cabin. It didn't take long to build it. And then he started eating apples.

The third little pig, a hard worker, chose to build a house of bricks and mortar. It would take longer to build it but it would feel more protected.

After a day of hard work, the house was beautiful. But already the howling of the wolf was beginning to be heard in the forest. It did not take long for the wolf to approach the houses of the three little pigs.

Hungry, the wolf went to the first house and said:

- Open the door for me! Open the door for me or I'll blow and your house will throw away!

As the pig did not open it, the wolf blew hard, and collapsed the straw house. The little pig, trembling with fear, ran out and entered his brother's wooden house. The wolf followed him. And in front of the second house, he knocked on the door, and said:

- Open the door for me! Open the door for me or I'll blow and your house will throw away!

But the second little pig didn't open it and the wolf blew and blew, and the hut was blown up. Scared, the two little pigs ran and entered their brother's brick house. But, as the wolf was determined to eat them, he knocked on the door and shouted:

- Open the door for me! Open the door for me or I'll blow and your house will throw away!

And the hardworking pig said:

- Blow whatever you want, but I won't open it! Then the wolf blowed and blowed. He blew with all his might, but the house didn't move.

The house was very strong and sturdy. The wolf was almost out of air. But although the wolf was very tired, he did not give up. He brought a ladder, climbed onto the roof of the house, and slid down the chimney passage.

He was determined to go into the house and eat the three little pigs whatever he wanted. But what he did not know is that the piglets put at the end of the fireplace, a cauldron with boiling water.

And the wolf, when he fell down the chimney, ended up burning with the hot water. He gave a huge scream and ran away never to return.

And thus, the pigs were able to live peacefully. And both the lazy and the glutton learned that only with work you get things.


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