The Bremen Town Musicians. Stories for children

The Bremen Town Musicians. Stories for children

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Once upon a time there was an ass who, unfortunately, lost his job. He was very old and therefore could no longer transport sacks of grain to the mill. But although he was old, the donkey was not stupid.

He decided to go to the city of Bremen, where he thought they could hire him as a city musician. And said and done! The donkey left the farm where it had worked for years and set out on a journey to Bremen.

The donkey had already walked a long time when he met a tired dog on the way. And he said:

- You must be very tired, friend

And the dog replied:

- Do not even say it! As I am old, my master wanted to kill me, because he says that I am no longer useful for the house. So I decided to quickly walk away. What I don't know is what I can do now to avoid starving.

- Look - said the donkey. Same thing happened to me. I decided to go to Bremen to see if they would hire me as a city musician. If you come with me, you could try to get hired too. I will play the lute. You can play the timpani.

The dog liked the idea and decided to accompany the donkey. They walked a long way when they met a cat with a hungry face, and the donkey said to him:

- You don't have a good face, friend.

To which the cat replied:

- Well, how can I have a good face if my mistress tried to drown me because she says I'm too old and I don't catch mice like I used to? I managed to escape, but what am I going to do now?

"To us," said the donkey, the same thing happened to us, and we decided to go to Bremen. If you accompany us, you could join the band that we are going to form, because you could collaborate with your meows.

The cat, having no alternative, accepted the invitation and left with the donkey and the dog. After a long walk, and when passing near a farm, the three animals saw a rooster that was crowing sadly at the top of a portal. And the donkey said to him:

- You must be very sad, friend. To whom the rooster replied:

- Well, I'm actually beyond sad. I'm desperate! He is going to see a party tomorrow and my mistress has ordered the cook to cut my neck to make me a good stew. And the donkey said to him:

- Do not despair. Come with us to Bremen, where we will form a musical band. You, with the good voice you have, will be very useful to us there.

The rooster raised its head and accepted the invitation, following the other three animals down the road. Night came and the four of them decided to rest a bit in the forest. They had settled under a tree when the rooster, who had climbed to the highest branch, warned his companions that he saw a light in the distance.

The donkey told him it could be a house and they should go home so they could be more comfortable. And they do it like that. As they approached the house they found out that the house was a den of thieves. The donkey, being the tallest, looked out the window to see what was going on inside.

- What do you see? They all asked him.

- I see a table with a lot of food and drink, and next to it there are some thieves who are having dinner, the ass satisfied them.

- I wish we could do the same ourselves! - exclaimed the rooster.

- Well yes - agreed the donkey.

The four animals began to put together a plan to drive away the bandits so that they would leave their food. The donkey got on his hands by the window; the dog crawled on the donkey's back; the cat mounted on top of the dog, and the rooster flew up and landed on the dog's head.

Immediately, they began to scream, and with a blow, they broke the glass of a window. They created such confusion that the terrified bandits rushed out of the house.

The four friends, after they achieved their purpose, made a real feast. When the meal was over, the four of them turned off the light and each one found a corner to rest.

But in the middle of the night, the robbers, seeing that everything seemed quiet in the house, sent one of them to inspect the house. The envoy entered the dark house and, as he was going to turn on the light, he saw that something was glowing on the stove. They were the eyes of the cat that had woken up.

And without thinking twice, he jumped in the thief's face and began to scratch him. The bandit, in fear, started to run. But not without first taking a kick from the ass, being attacked by the dog, and getting a good scare with the cries of the rooster.

When meeting with his companions, the bandit told them that in the house there was a witch who attacked him from all sides. It scratched him, stabbed him, hit him, and yelled at him fiercely. And that everyone should flee quickly. And so they all did.

And it was thus, thanks to a good plan that the animals had mounted, that the four Bremen musicians were able to live their old age, quietly and comfortably, in that house.


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