Should we defend children from other children?

Should we defend children from other children?

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This topic about defending or not defending the children of other children is not without controversy, but from my point of view it is very easy to understand and with this article I want you to understand it too. Children when they are young and since the world has become the world, they have hit each other or have been assaulted either by playing with the same toy or simply because they have considered it a wrong and poorly learned form of communication.

This behavior can be seen regularly in schools and nurseries, and unfortunately also in institutes. Unfortunately when negative behavior goes this far it is because something wrong has been done in the boy or girl's environment.

If this aggressive behavior is not corrected early, children will think that it is a correct form of communication and will continue to act in this wrong way. It is the duty of the parents to correct negative behaviors as they occur, as well as of the adults around the child at the time of the attack.

If an adult (whoever it is) looks away when a child attacks another, the little one will be receiving a very wrong message: 'it doesn't matter if I hit another like, it's allowed'. This message is a catastrophe both for the social development of the aggressor child and the feeling of helplessness and abandonment felt by the victim when being attacked, knowing that an adult, a model of example and protection, has witnessed everything and has not defended him.

If an adult witnesses that a child is attacking another child, they will always have to intervene in the dispute to achieve two essential objectives: that the aggressor feels that this behavior is not appropriate and that it is neither allowed nor approved by anyone, and to that the minor who is being attacked feel protection and also learn what not to do and thus avoid reproducing that same mistake in the future with other children.

Can you imagine that you are walking down the street with another adult and that when you least expect it someone starts hitting him and the others laugh at him? How would you react? Would you allow it? I am sure not and for that reason neither should one child ever be allowed to be attacked by another.

The adults are us, and we have to be their example to follow, their guide in these circumstances and those who make them see the importance of good attitudes, respect and tolerance for each other ... For this reason we will always have to intervene, never allow this type of behavior, the solution must be sought with empathy, respect for both sides and knowing how to resolve the conflict in the best possible way, because when one child hits another,it is never a child's thing.

Maria Jose Roldan
Special Education Teacher (Therapeutic Pedagogy)

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