Cod al pil pil. Basque recipe

Cod al pil pil. Basque recipe

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This is an easy and very simple recipe to make. In addition, it is only made with three ingredients: cod, olive oil and garlic. invites us to prepare Cod al pil pil, a traditional dish from the Basque country, north of Spain, with an exquisite and original flavor. Why is it called pil pil? because this is the name of the sauce that is achieved by combining the gelatin that comes off the cod with the olive oil.

To prepare this dish you need patience since its preparation is done little by little. Are you signing up to do it?

  • 500 gr of desalted cod fillets with skin
  • 5 or 6 cloves of garlic filleted
  • 250 thousand extra virgin olive oil
  • Pepper or chilli (optional)
  • A strainer

1- The first step of the recipe is to peel the garlic and fillet it very fine.

2- In a clay pot or in a frying pan, put the oil to heat over low heat.

3- When it begins to heat, introduce the filleted garlic.

4- When they begin to brown, add the chilli without seeds.

5- Wash the cod fillets and dry them, one by one, with absorbent kitchen paper.

6- Remove the garlic from the oil and also dry them with kitchen paper.

7- Raise the heat and add the cod fillets very gently with the skin facing up. The loins are cooked, without letting them fall apart, we turn them over.

8- When you notice, when moving the loins, which release gelatin balls in the oil, remove them from the oil and reserve them.

9- Lower the heat of the oil and when it is warm, begin to make circular movements with a strainer on the surface of the pan, slowly but with rhythm.

10- These movements are the ones that will bind the sauce. You can see that in a matter of 5 to 10 minutes, you get a slightly yellowish sauce.

11- Now all you have to do is add the sauce over the cod fillets, period.

Our cod al pil pil is done. Bon Appetite!

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