Recipes with orange for children

Recipes with orange for children

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Orange is one of the fruits that contains the most vitamins and minerals, therefore it is one of the first foods that the baby takes when starting with the fruit porridge.

Have a high content of vitamin C but it is also rich in vitamins A, B and G. In an orange there are also minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.

On our site we offer you different recipes made with oranges not only because of the numerous nutritional properties it has, but also because it is also perfect for stimulating the immune system, it is disinfectant, antioxidant and purifying.

Porridge, first courses, desserts ... Orange is a fruit that can be added to a large number of different dishes.

Orange, pear and banana porridge. Learn how to make this homemade recipe for banana, pear and orange porridge, recommended for babies from 6 months of age. By combining some fruits, you can get rich and healthy fruit porridges for your baby. Follow our baby food recipes.

Orange sponge cake. Easy orange sponge cake recipe for kids. How to make an orange cake step by step for the children's snack. traditional recipe for orange cake for children's dessert.

Duck with orange. A crunchy and aromatic typical Christmas dish, with this orange duck you will make your table a sure success at Christmas, everyone will love it! Easy recipe for roast duck with orange.

Sole with orange. Sole is a highly valued fish in gastronomy for its fine white meat. Guiainfantil offers you a light, nutritious and energetic recipe, ideal for both lunch and dinner for children.

Orange Cookies. Easy recipe for orange cookies with chocolate chips. Orange and chocolate cookies to cook with children. Christmas recipe for orange and chocolate cookies. Christmas cookies for children.

Flan with orange. Egg flan with orange. Ideal recipe for family desserts. An easy, quick and very simple recipe to prepare at home with children. A healthy and natural recipe.

Gelatin with orange. Orange wedges with gelatin. A fun, nutritious and healthy recipe for dessert, snack or children's birthday party. our site proposes a very original way to serve gelatin to children.

French toast with orange. Orange French toast recipe to make at home with the children. Our site offers you a most spectacular French toast recipe: Orange toast, ideal for dessert or a children's snack. A sweet that cannot be missed in family celebrations such as Easter.

Brownie with orange. The tender brownie with orange and hazelnuts will surprise your palate. Brownie recipe with orange and hazelnuts. Easy recipes of desserts with chocolate for children.

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