Recipes with cherries, sweet and savory for children

Recipes with cherries, sweet and savory for children

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Cherries, like strawberries and other fruits, have a very short season during which we can find them in supermarkets. That is why you have to take advantage of those months to make some of these delicious recipes for children.

The recipes with cherries can be sweet, but also salty, they add a very special touch to meat and fish dishes, and even in a salad. The possibilities for children to discover this fruit are almost endless.

Cherries are a very interesting ingredient to add to a complete diet if we plan a menu for children.

It is a fruit that contains a large amount of iron, so it can help alleviate its deficiency in the body and the appearance of anemia.

They also have a high concentration of calcium, which strengthens bones, as well as a wide variety of vitamins A, B, and C.

Its antioxidant and diuretic properties are also important, we can give them to children who suffer from constipation.

But not only do they have key nutritional properties for feeding children, they are also very attractive to the senses.

If your children do not like fruit, cherries can be a good gateway to these foods, as they are quite popular.

Their refreshing taste, firm texture and attractive appearance make them, along with strawberries, one of the favorite fruits of children.

Dare to discover a large number of recipes for children that you can prepare with cherries during their short season.

Experiment with the children's recipes that we propose and tell us how you prepare these delicious dishes for your children.

Cheesecake with cherries. This cherry cheesecake recipe is great for dessert or for a kid's birthday party because it ties the cheese and fruit to the cookies and it looks like a ton.

Cherry ice cream. As children often reject fruit, we must think of children's recipes that use original presentations such as this homemade cherry ice cream. our site offers the recipe for homemade cherry ice cream, step by step.

Cherry smoothie. There are countless recipes for children with cherries that they will love, both in savory and sweet dishes, an example is this smoothie with cherries, banana and melon.

Cherry porridge. The diet of a baby has to be as varied as possible, so that he does not get bored. With the recipe for cherry, pear and banana porridge your child will eat a food with many vitamins from twelve months of age. We teach you how to prepare the recipe for this fruit puree for your baby.

Salad with cherries. Salads are the best accompaniment to a meat or fish dish, this salad recipe with cherries, nuts and cheese is very colorful and original.

Chicken with cherry sauce. Chicken is a very common meat on children's menus, due to its mild flavor and low fat content, which is why we recommend a recipe for children of baked chicken with cherry sauce.

Cookies with cherry. Cookies are the best recipes for children. Its preparation is usually simple, like that of these delicious cookies with cherry pieces. It is a way to add vitamins to a dessert or snack that your child is sure to love.

Cherry soup. To surprise children with a different dessert, prepare this children's recipe for cherry soup, they will love it for its surprising presentation and unique flavor.

Sponge cake with cherries. On our site we teach you how to make a homemade cake with cherries. Homemade cakes are the best choice for children's snacks. Try this cherry cake recipe and you will enjoy it with a unique dessert.

Cherry mousse with cream. The cherry mousse with cream is a very grateful dessert recipe for children, it is liked by young and old for its mild flavor and the vitamins of the fruit are also added.

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