Nursery rhymes. The Torcuato rooster

Nursery rhymes. The Torcuato rooster

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Poetry is an excellent way to bring reading to the little ones. Poems usually gather everything necessary to keep children's attention: they are short, so the child will not get bored and will keep their attention all the time; they are simple, and tend to deal with topics close to them.

We suggest you use poetry with your children. If the poem is also written in rhyme form, you can use it to help you exercise your memory.


The rooster Torcuato

tones very well,

and wants to teach

Who wants to learn?

Has formed a chorus

with four chickens,

two pigs and a duck,

And out of tune!

Inside the corral

we can see them,

many sing badly

at dawn.

But the important thing

is wanting to know

and, if you wish,

you can learn.

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