Benefits of yoga for babies

Do you know that yoga is very beneficial for babies? Babies can also do yoga together with their mom or dad and this will bring them innumerable benefits.

It is an activity that is carried out jointly and that from the first moments you can appreciate the advantages it entails for the baby. The babies during classes they are usually calm and receptive and, in general, the instructors adapt to their needs, being able to breastfeed if the baby demands it.

Babies can practice yoga from the first month of life, mainly accompanied by their mother or father, that is, with a figure with which they feel calm and safe.

It is important to start the practice when the mother feels ready and the first moments after delivery have passed. A baby yoga class lasts approximately 45 minutes and the instructor takes the baby's needs into account during the classes. As it is also exercises that several moms do with their babies, there is usually a climate of support and joint participation among all.

Both will share a very personal and special moment and they will benefit from the exercises carried out during the classes:

- During a yoga class, the mother will perform relaxing massages on the baby and this will help to considerably reduce the dreaded gas colic.

- Yoga stimulates the baby's senses of hearing, sight and touch.

- The exercises of relaxation and breathing during classes they will help you to be calmer and calmer.

- This practice helps to promote and enhance the bond and connection with the baby.

In collaboration with:

Begoña Torres Belinchón

Yoga instructor and therapist

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