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Do children grow when they have a fever?

Do children grow when they have a fever?

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It may seem like a popular belief or a grandmother saying that children grow up when they are sick, but far from being a myth, pediatricians agree with our elders: children grow when they have a fever and when they sleep.

It is proven that there are sudden 'spurts' related to periods of illness or even periods in which the child increases the hours of sleep.

'Is the child with a fever? Oh well, it will give a stretch ', is a phrase that I have heard all my life. In fact, I confess that I wanted to grow two inches taller after the flu, but of course, I can't fight nature. But I have observed in my children, certain periods in which they grow more than in others and, suddenly, they have thosemoments in which they hit 'lugs'. Why?

The final height of a child will depend on the height of the parents, but not only this factor influences, also the diet, hormonal deficits, severe diseases during growth or genetic alterations.

The doctor Juan Carlos April Martin, a specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology, explains that during the time that a child is in bed with illness, they may suffer a temporary growth spurt. It is when mothers say: 'the child has stretched'. And it is that, fever stimulates growth hormone or somatropin.

But not only can fever help to have small stretches, it is a fact that most of the cellular activity that produces growth occurs during the rest and rest phase.

On the other hand, a team of scientists from Emory University in the United States conducted a study on the relationship between sleeping hours and children's growth and showed that the 'spurts' are related to an increase in the hours that the child sleeps, and this usually occurs in periods in which the child is sick and has a fever. Even, the growth rate in childhood also accelerates when the number of times a day that one sleeps increases.

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