Croquettes recipes for children

Croquettes recipes for children

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Ideas for cooking croquettes in different ways and ingredients


Croquettes are one of the most versatile dishes out there. Therefore, we can also take advantage of and cook some croquettes stuffed with vegetables. Your kids won't notice, and they will enjoy this dish like they always have.

The vast majority of children love croquettes, but we can't say the same for vegetables. For this reason, at Guiainfantil we teach you how to prepare spinach croquettes so that your children can eat vegetables without having to complain.

In addition to hake, the traditional recipe for fish croquettes are those made with cod. This dish is a classic of Portuguese cuisine that we can accompany with a little lemon or a rich tomato sauce.

Croquettes are a good way for your children to eat fish without them noticing. With this recipe for hake croquettes, children will enjoy this homemade dish while feeding themselves with the nutrients that fish contains.

There are many ways to prepare homemade croquettes for children. In addition to the classic ham and cheese, you can also improvise and add a little carrot. The flavor will make the carrot, ham and cheese croquettes a hit.

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