The color test to discover the good and the bad of the child

When you are a mother and you watch your son play in the park, many times you say to yourself: "This child has the makings of a leader. He's going to be president of the government." Or, conversely, you think: "My little one has a special gift for social relationships."

And you may not be wrong because these personality traits are linked to a certain color. Do you want to know what more information you can get from your little one according to the energy that governs him? We present you the color test to discover the good and the bad of the child.

We present you a tool for you to understand and know more about your child. And it is that knowing what characteristics it has, you will be able to anticipate its behavior, improve communication between you, identify its needs, anticipate and change its behaviors and, even, help it to manage your emotions!

For this we rely on the color test, created by Carl Jung, physician and psychiatrist, who established the theory of the 4 colors. Taking into account that each of us is different and different, we all share some common traits.

Above you have a table with the characteristics of each of the colors. You just have to read them. The box where you identify your child more adjectives will tell you the color that will predominate in his life when it comes to feeling and thinking. Don't you think that it gives us many clues to explore in the inner world of the little one?

Blue children
They are characterized by being very analytical and reflective. They do not make decisions on impulse, but take into account all factors. They like to have everything organized and well planned! This will be something that will be great for the studies.

Worst of blue children they are very distrustful, they do not trust anyone, and they love solitude. If you watch your child play alone, it is part of his personality! But as you already know, what you can do is try to work on it in this regard.

Green kids
The day to day with green children is very easy because they are quite empathetic and have a great facility to put themselves in the shoes of the other. If he sees you overwhelmed or stressed, he will always try to give you a hand to make you better! A sky!

And what is its dark side? They are too reserved and quiet about their things. It is difficult for them to talk about feelings and emotions, so you will never know what is really happening to them. You will have to use techniques such as the game of the rose and the thorn to find out, for example, how they have been at school.

Yellow children
They are creative, imaginative, cheerful, outgoing and very very positive. They will always have a smile drawn on their face and they will always see the glass half full and never half empty. It will be a pleasure to make plans as a family with him / her because he will always be happy to accept, without putting a single fault or expressing a complaint.

And, as you can see from the cheese above, they are unpredictable! It's hard for them control your emotions, and that's where as a parent you will have to work with him. It cannot be what he wants when he wants, he has to learn some routines and rules to live in society.

Red children
And we come to the last category: children with red energy. What is good and bad about those in this lake in the circle?

If there is a phase because the one that all parents go through is the stage of fears: clowns, being alone, the dark ... red children This problem, if it occurs to you, will be minimal because they are very brave, determined and determined people. They don't hide their heads for nothing!

On the other hand, that energy that they waste can cause them some other setback in their relationships with their classmates, and that is that they are a bit authoritarian and they love to lead any type of project. Some may label them 'know-it-all'.

This color test will reveal the good and the bad of your child, but you can also apply it to other members of the family: your partner, your sister, your parents and even yourself. And there is nothing better than knowing yourself with your strengths and weaknesses to work on and improve them. Shall we start?

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