The 4 diseases transmitted by the Zika mosquito

The 4 diseases transmitted by the Zika mosquito

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Aedes aegypti is a tiny mosquito, barely 7 millimeters long, but is capable of transmitting many different diseases, Among which these four stand out: dengue, Zika virus, yellow fever, and chikungunya.

All four are different diseases, although in some of them the symptoms may be similar, at least at first. The disease that develops depends on the virus that the mosquito carries. Obviously, not all mosquitoes of this species are infected. We tell you what each of these diseases is like and what their symptoms are.

1. The Zika virus: After the mosquito bite, the disease may or may not develop. The symptoms are fever, rashes all over the body, conjunctivitis (something that does not occur in other diseases), general malaise, arthritis in the hands and feet ...

There can also be cases of diarrhea and pain in the eye area. The symptoms disappear in 5-7 days and it is still a mild disease in adults as long as it is not a pregnant woman. In that case, the effects may fall on the fetus. The World Health Organization has shown that the virus reaches the neuronal tissue of the fetus, causing microcephaly and other neuronal problems.

It is studied the possible relationship between the increase in babies with microcephaly in areas affected by the Zika virus. The virus, whose origin is Uganda (Africa), crossed to the American continent, and has become a nightmare especially in countries like Brazil and Colombia, where the Zika virus has been classified as an epidemic.

2. Dengue: This disease, transmitted by the same mosquito, shows early symptoms very similar to those of the Zika virus. Fever and muscle aches appear at first. However, in the case of dengue, the fever is very high and the joint pain is very strong. In fact, dengue is also known as 'bone breaker fever'.

Its symptoms also include nausea and vomiting, very severe headaches and localized pain behind the eyeballs. Currently a vaccine is being tested for a disease that millions of people suffer from in the world and which is in many cases fatal.

3. The chikungunya or chikungunya: The pains that appear with chikungunya are described as 'excruciating'. In fact, its name comes from an African word which means 'to bend over in pain'.

The first symptoms arrive about 3 or 7 days after the bite. Apart from these excruciating joint pains, there are also nausea, high fever and skin rashes in the form of itchy purple rashes.

Unlike the other three diseases, the lymph nodes become swollen and the nose can bleed. The bad thing about this virus is that its effects last for months, it can even turn into chronic joint pain. This virus is also already found in some South American countries. At the moment there is no vaccine or treatment for this disease.

4. Yellow fever: This disease mainly affects countries in Africa, Central America and South America. Symptoms lead to fever, back pain, chills, headaches, nausea, and loss of appetite. If the disease worsens, vomiting and internal and mucosal bleeding appear. There is a vaccine for this disease.

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