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Reasons for and against getting pregnant in November

Reasons for and against getting pregnant in November

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How is my pregnancy going to develop in each of its stages? That is one of the first questions that you have surely asked yourself when you find out that you are expecting a baby. Tell you first of all, congratulations future mom! The most beautiful experience of your life has just begun. And also tell you that so that you are calm and well informed about your pregnancy and in the face of delivery, we have created a guide so that you can anticipate to know what it means get pregnant in november. As a first clue we must tell you that there are reasons in favor and others against. Let's see it!

If from the moment the pregnancy test is positive, you know what it will be like quarter by quarter, childbirth and the first months of your little one's life, you will feel safe and calm, don't you think? That is why in our site We want to let you know what it means to get pregnant in every month of the year. You can imagine that it is not the same to start pregnancy in the middle of summer than in winter. Everything has its good side and its less friendly side. This time it is the turn of November. Let's see how will your pregnancy be if it starts in November! Approximate due date: August. How exciting!

Arrives the month of November and with it your pregnancy. An ideal month in which you only have to worry about taking care of yourself, eating well, protecting yourself from the cold and thinking about how you are going to give the good news to your loved ones. The little being that grows inside you will occupy your heart forever. Let's detail how your baby will develop in each trimester of gestation.

1. First trimester of pregnancy: from November to January

Christmas just around the corner and you with the great news that you are going to be one in the family. Can you think of a better way to close the year and start the next? Enjoy this beautiful stage, live Christmas surrounded by your loved ones and take advantage of your letter to the Three Kings or Santa Claus to ask for something you like for your baby. Just remember not to overeat to avoid binges. And it goes without saying that you shouldn't drink any alcohol!

In these first months of pregnancy it is normal for you to feel nausea and the urge to vomitIt does not happen to all women but it does to many of them. This is due to the large increase in chorionic gonadotropin during pregnancy. Did you know that according to a study, nausea can help you know if you are going to have a boy or a girl?

You may also notice an increased feeling of fatigueEven if you hardly make an effort, there is that odious feeling of fatigue ... Don't worry, it's also normal due to hormonal changes. Take it easy and exercise lightly. You will see how well it suits you!

2. The second trimester of pregnancy will be from February to April

Christmas has come to an end it's time to get back to the routine and think about the sunny days to come. Imagine everything you will be able to do during all these days now that the weather is starting to be nice: go for a walk, prepare things for the delivery ... Remember to always keep your spirits up!

Towards the middle of this second trimester of pregnancy, the uterus reaches a considerable size, which means that, due to its growth, some blood vessels are compressed, thus making it difficult for blood to circulate. This is the reason why you may notice certain discomforts such as swelling in the legs and on the feet.

In turn, you can experience changes throughout your body, including the external genitalia. You may even notice more elasticity and flow in your vagina. Just pay attention to what that flow does not have a bad smell and that it does not hurt to urinate. If so, consult your doctor as it may be a vaginal yeast infection.

3. Get ready, the third trimester of pregnancy has arrived and it will be from May to July

The good weather has finally arrived and with it the final stretch of your pregnancy. It is time to finish all the things that you lack for your baby and to think about the delivery. What does the latter mean? Well, you will have to heed all the indications that your midwife gives you so that when you give birth you are as calm as possible. And it also means that you have to walk a little every day to help your baby fit his head in your pelvis. Perfect now that the weather is so nice!

If your due date is approaching and your baby has not been placed on his tummy, an external version may need to be programmed for you. It consists of trying that the little one turns around pressing in certain parts of your belly. It is somewhat painful, but if the doctor recommends it, you should do it to avoid having a cesarean section. If the external version has been successful, you may need to wear a girdle to prevent the baby from rolling over again.

How do I know if I am in labor? It does not matter that you have read a lot about the subject or that it is your second child, this question is going to be on your mind from shortly before leaving accounts, and it is normal that you are nervous or restless. You have nothing to fear, just listen to your body and see if you have regular contractions, if you have ruptured the bag, have vaginal bleeding or feel bad or in pain. In these cases, go to the hospital, your child is ready to be born.

And in no time ... Congratulations Mom! Your baby has already been born and you can finally take him in your arms and give him a warm kiss on his cheek. Whether you have had a cesarean section or have had a conventional delivery, you will have to follow a series of care to recover as well as possible. Go to appointments with your midwife, try to rest as much as you can, don't gain weight or strain, eat healthy and drink plenty of water. Little by little you will be better, with more energy and in a better mood.

Your little one was born with the heat of August, put light clothes on him, go for a walk with him when the sun goes down and breastfeed on demand so that he is well hydrated. By the next summer your child will be a year old and will be a great explorer eager to play with his mother in the pool. A perfect plan!

All parents love our children the same way, whether they are boys or girls. However, we all have a favorite option before they are born. There are those who are looking for the couple, those who only want girls ... Although there is no way to get it right with 100% security, we have a calculator that, if you use it correctly, you will have a better chance of having the girl or boy you want.

To use it, you just have to know what was the first day of your last menstruation and how long your cycles last. From this data, this tool will tell you when should sexual intercourse occur so that you have a better chance of having a boy or a girl. Good luck!

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